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Retired? Transport Your Vehicle with Carnections During the fall and winter, there is a huge influx of vehicles that need to be moved southbound from the northern states. During the spring and summer, the opposite is true. This is especially true for vehicles moving along the east coast to and from Florida. This yearly huge swing in demand is due to Snowbirds moving south in the cold months and north in the hot months. This changes both auto transport prices and the difficulty of getting vehicles moved. But Carnections stays ahead of the game.

We work to keep our prices accurate by knowing when the demand changes. This benefits Snowbirds by giving them accurate prices and expectations: moving southbound in winter and moving northbound in the summer will cost more and will sometimes take longer than is typical. Keeping ahead of the changing prices also benefits those moving against the grain: if you're moving northbound in the winter or southbound in the summer, you can usually get your vehicle moved quickly and more affordable than usual.

As you can see, you've come to the right place for car transportation for seniors, retirees, and other Snowbirds.

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